Shukr Design - Terms of Use

Last Updated: 14/05/2024

1. Agreement Overview
This Terms of Use ("Agreement") is a legally binding agreement between Shukr Design, a creative agency ("Shukr Design"), and the Customer ("Customer"). By using Shukr Design's services, the Customer agrees to these terms. Non-compliance will result in termination of service.

2. Service Offerings

  • Planetary Scout: Specialized branding and design services with regular updates every 24-48 hours. One Task at a Time.

  • Galactic Explorer: Advanced design and development services. Regular updates provided. Two tasks at a time.

Communications and task submissions must be through our project management tool. Shukr Design may modify these services at its discretion.

3. Cancellation and Renewal Policy
Customers must provide written notice at least 14 days before the next billing cycle to avoid charges. Failure to do so will result in non-refundable charges for the next period.

4. Acceptance of Work
Customers have three business days to review and provide feedback on delivered work. Lack of feedback will deem the work accepted. Revisions can be requested later without affecting the project timeline or billing cycle.

5. Pricing, Plans, and Refund Policy
Cancellation requires a 14-day written notice before the billing cycle ends. Refunds are not provided once work has commenced. Services continue until the end of the billing cycle without renewal post-cancellation.

6. Intellectual Property Rights
Upon payment, Customers gain ownership of all works created during the service month. Shukr Design retains rights to foundational content but transfers customized work rights to the Customer.

7. Ownership of Materials
Final deliverables become the Customer's property upon full payment, excluding Shukr Design's proprietary tools and materials.

8. Fonts
Customers are responsible for acquiring necessary licenses for commercial fonts not owned by Shukr Design.

9. Customer Representations and Prohibited Activities
Customers must use Shukr Design's services legally and ethically, avoiding unauthorized or illegal activities.

10. Feedback and Communication
Feedback must be provided through specified channels. Shukr Design owns all feedback but is not obligated to maintain confidentiality.

11. Service Monitoring and Right to Modify Terms
Shukr Design reserves the right to monitor service use, adjust terms, and manage service access as needed.

12. Service Interruptions and Liability
Shukr Design is not liable for uncontrollable interruptions but will minimize impact and resume services promptly.

13. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
These terms are governed by German law, and disputes will be resolved under German jurisdiction.

14. Contact Information
For inquiries, please contact Shukr Design at:
Email: shukrdesign@gmail.com

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Copyright ©2023. Shukr Design

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